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Supplier User Agreement

Access Rights

The L3Harris Expo Supplier Collaboration Portal is used for collaboration of supply chain related activities between L3Harris and <YOUR COMPANY>. The data contained in the Expo Supplier Collaboration portal is for use in executing contracts, requests for pricing, scorecard data, past performance, SCAR collaboration and other related collaboration tasks. Such tasks should be performed in accordance with the terms and conditions of any contract, request for pricing instructions, and any non-disclosure agreements in place between L3Harris and <YOUR COMPANY>. Data on the Expo Supplier Collaboration Portal should be used only for the intention for which it is provided by L3Harris and is considered confidential and may not be shared with other entities unless approved by the responsible individual(s) at L3Harris. It is your responsibility to ensure the data provided is used for its intended purpose. You are required to respect and safeguard L3Harris information by keeping it secure, limiting access to it, and avoiding discussion of such information in public places. We expect supplier partners to preserve L3Harris confidential information, even if the business relationship ends. 


In order to comply with applicable U.S. export control statutes and regulations, L3Harris is required to obtain information concerning your identity and country of citizenship, including any dual or third country national status, and if applicable, place of birth in order to grant electronic access to data. This information is utilized to perform denied party screening where applicable. This information is not shared with other third party entities or distributed in other lists outside of L3Harris.


Privacy and Right to Monitor

L3Harris reserves the right to monitor and retain any communications or data transmissions stored on a L3Harris systems, these records may be searched at any time for any lawful purpose, and may be used or disclosed for any lawful purpose.


Export Restrictions

Some information in the Expo Supplier Collaboration Portal may be export controlled. It is your responsibility as a receiver of any export-controlled data to use and control this data in compliance to the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), Export Administration Regulation (EAR), and any other governing regulation contained in the marking of said data. This data may not be released or disclosed to foreign persons, whether located inside or outside the U.S. without prior approval from the U.S. Government. Similar restrictions are in place for non-U.S. interests in that any data obtained from L3Harris may not be imported, exported, released or disclosed to unauthorized persons without prior approval from the affected government. Violates of export laws invoke sever fines and penalties for both individuals and the companies they represent. Where access is granted to export controlled data the Seller is responsible for obtaining all export authorizations required, including where applicable, export authorizations related for Seller Personnel



L3Harris grants to you a limited, nontransferable, individual, nonexclusive, revocable (at L3Harris discretion) right to access the L3Harris Expo Supplier Collaboration portal. In order to obtain said access you agree that you shall not;

  • Through any means Introduce any Malware into L3Harris Systems
  • Use L3Harris systems for nonbusiness purposes including unauthorized use
  • Take actions calculated to disrupt L3Harris systems
  • Immediately notify L3Harris at ExpoSecurity@L3Harris.comyou believe that any access to L3Harris systems has been compromised
  • Promptly submit a written request to L3Harris at upon the reassignment, resignation, or termination of any personnel at your company with electronic access so that said access can be terminated.
  • Immediately submit a written notice to L3Harris at of name for any personnel at your company who has access to L3Harris or Export restricted data who is terminated for cause by reason of misappropriation of L3Harris or Export Controlled data.



The Values that Define us and Our Relationship with our Suppliers

L3Harris holds itself to the highest standards for human rights, environmental protection and ethics and we expect the same from our suppliers and their partners. We encourage you to visit to view our goals and policies around Environmental, Social, Health, Governance and other related topics to learn more about how L3Harris is focusing on change in the areas that matter most. Please reference the L3Harris Code of Conduct, the terms and conditions on your purchase orders with L3Harris, and instructions in requests for quote for any requirements that might be in place in how these items are applicable to your business dealings with L3Harris.


Our values of Integrity, Excellence and Respect are at the heart of everything we do and inspire our team members around the globe. We invite you and your company to play a part in furthering these values in your dealings with L3Harris. L3Harris in collaboration with its supply partners endeavor to achieve a leadership position in its industry through the adoption of responsible management practices as it relates to ethics, human rights and the environment. 


Integrity – our decisions and actions are based on ethical, honest and accountable practices

Excellence – We perform at the highest levels through flawless execution, customer focus and constant innovation

Respect – We tackle every challenge with a sustainable, community-minded and inclusive approach


L3Harris strongly encourages any supply partner who feels pressured by a L3Harris employee, customer or supplier to violate the law or L3Harris Core Values to contact the L3Harris Business Standards Office. 


L3Harris Corporation 

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Melbourne, FL 32937 

Phone (321) 727-9100