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L3Harris Business Standards


No child or forced labor!

L3Harris does not employ individuals under the legal employment age in any country in which we operate, nor do we use forced or involuntary labor. Our supply partners are expected to follow these guidelines.

Safe, Healthy, Hospitable workplace!

L3Harris operates in a safe and healthy work environment, free of harassment and abuse, and expects our supply partners to provide the same for their employees.

Environmental standard

Managing environmental impact simply means:

Meeting relevant legislation!

L3Harris will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, will monitor performance and act to correct non-compliant practices in a timely manner. L3Harris will seek to do business with those supply partners who are similarly committed to sound environmental management.

Standards compliance

Supply partners will make every effort to communicate these Standards to all employees and downstream supply chain partners who serve L3Harris.

We expect our supplier partners to notify L3Harris immediately should they become aware of any non-compliance with these Standards, and to take the necessary steps to correct such non-compliance in a timely manner.


L3Harris in collaboration with its supply partners will endeavor to achieve a leadership position in its industry through the adoption of responsible management practices as it relates to ethics, human rights and the environment.

L3Harris will live up to the Standards outlined in this document and expects all of our supply partners to do the same.

L3Harris strongly encourages any supply partner who feels pressured by an L3Harris employee, customer or supplier to violate the law or L3Harris Standards for Supply Partners to contact L3Harris Business Standards Office immediately.

We believe that meeting these Standards will help create the environment in which L3Harris and our valued supply partners will continue to be successful.

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This document identifies the minimum requirements of L3Harris Supplier Partners

Our Intent

Every day, around the world, L3Harris strives to lead our industry in delivering value to customers and in the responsible management of our business. We believe this responsibility extends beyond our operations to those of our supply partners (suppliers, contractors, joint-venture partners, consultants, distributors, installers and agents) who are fundamental to our ability to deliver on our mission statement. We also believe that responsibility should address the impact of our business on our community, on society, and our environment.

We intend to find and cultivate the best supply partners in the world who embrace and demonstrate the highest Standards of business practice. And, we intend to engage with these partners in a manner so as to ensure:

  • Business is conducted in an ethical manner
  • Human rights are protected
  • Environmental impact is managed through the supply chain we utilize

Partner Relationship

L3Harris aims to deliver unmatched benchmark performance in our supply chains. We will do so through mutually rewarding relationships with complementary supply partners who:

  1. Innovate to create value
  2. Continuously strive to reduce total costs
  3. Consistently deliver excellent service
  4. Meet or exceed our quality and responsiveness requirements, and
  5. Meet our Standards of Corporate Citizenship.


The following Standards for supply partners define L3Harris minimum requirements of suppliers.

Failure to abide by these Standards may result in L3Harris ceasing to do business with a supply partner. Evidence of a supply partner agreement is demonstrated in a written commitment to comply by signing the attached acknowledgement.

Ethical Business Standard

Conducting business in an ethical manner simply means:

Meeting all applicable legislation!

L3Harris practices strict adherence to all local laws and applicable U.S. laws, and requires supply partners to act similarly.

Avoiding conflicts of Interest!

L3Harris expects all business decisions to be made in the best interest of the company. Any situation which creates a conflict between personal interests and L3Harris interests must be avoided. Supply partners are required to disclose actual or potential conflicts of interest to L3Harris management.

No unlawful payments or incentives!

Gifts, favors and entertainment are not needed in order to do business with L3Harris, and may lead to or appear to create a conflict of interest. Gifts or entertainment may be allowed if it complements the business relationship, is of modest value, and is not against the law or L3Harris policy. However, no gift, favor or entertainment should be offered or accepted if it will obligate or appear to obligate the recipient.

Fair competition!

L3Harris advocates free and open competition and fully complies with antitrust or competition laws around the world where we compete, and requires our supply partners to similarly comply.

Safeguard Confidential Information!

L3Harris respects and safeguards customer and supplier information. We do so by keeping it secure, by limiting access to it, and by avoiding discussion of such information in public places. We expect supplier partners to preserve L3Harris confidential information, even if the business relationship ends. Evidence of a supply partner agreement is demonstrated in writing by signing the attached “Non disclosure Agreement”.

Human Rights Standard

Protecting Human Rights simply means:

Meeting employment legislation!

L3Harris practices strict adherence to all local laws and applicable U.S. employment laws, and requires supply partners to act similarly.

No Discrimination!

L3Harris does not discriminate based on personal characteristics or beliefs and expects our supply partners to provide equal opportunity to all.

Fair compensation!

L3Harris complies with applicable wage (including minimum wages) and working hour laws and regulations, and expects our supply partners to similarly comply.